Sunday, January 29, 2012

Facebook vs. Myspace

After I read this article, I realized that there is in fact a very distinct line between the two social networks. At first, MySpace was the prominent social network for teens especially when Facebook was only limited to college students. As time progressed, I felt as if younger teens who were using MySpace wanted to gain a certain level of maturity. They wanted to join the world of the college kids and wanted knowledge of what these college students were experiencing. I had this exact same mindset when I had just entered high school. Facebook was the next big social network, and as a result, Facebook had a good amount of MySpace users switch to their site. As for me, there are two main reasons on why I’m on Facebook and not MySpace. The first being the obvious that all my friends have switched social networks a while back and MySpace feels almost inexistent. The other reason is that I am in a rock band. At first, MySpace was the most outstanding site to promote your band, but ever since Facebook came into play, its users slowly started to die down. In my opinion the buzz is going to stay on Facebook for at least another 5-7 years. That same buzz revolves around my band because of the fact that we have a band page on Facebook. For example, in three days, my band “WhiteHorse” got 273 “Likes” on Facebook. Since we are also talking to record labels, A&R representatives say it’s one of the most essential factors that a band promotes their music on this social network. Facebook is where the online word of mouth takes place, and it’s crucial for our music to be up there. It also lets us create event pages when we have gigs, and it sure as hell beats putting up flyers all over the valley. Facebook is our best tool, and quite frankly has helped us in a countless number of situations. I do hope the buzz on this website never slows down, and continues to reinvent itself to keep their users interested.