Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Portfolio: Cover Letter/Intro

Shaunt Sulahian
May 15, 2012
English 114B
Professor Dinsmore
                                                            Farewell 114B

            This semester opened my mind to several topics and issues not only in my English 114B class, but in all my classes in its own separate ways. All in all I would think my English courses were the most productive in my freshman year at CSUN. I say this because of the in depth analyses of all the texts we read made me overthink and see different concepts with a new set of eyes. For example, I would say that my mindset has strengthened in terms of being even more proud of my culture then I already was after reading a book like “Persepolis”, which definitely emphasizes that point. “As Nature Made Him”, also made me question the ideals of nature vs. nurture which again stretched the boundaries of my mindset and made me overthink certain thoughts that I would never consider to ponder. Aside from our readings, we were also required to write several essays. I believe that this English course and these essays significantly improved my writing skills and definitely prepared me for any other writing class that I desire to take at CSUN. I am a more confident writer and am able to express my thoughts more clearly when it comes to writing.
I was highly interested in the film “Gamer”, which was shown to us in class. Therefore, I chose to write an analysis of “Gamer”, and to think about the morals of America’s prison system that was depicted in the film. It was intriguing to see what would become of America if they accepted those types of disturbing morals. “Gamer” truly had encompassed a dark element which made its audience fearful of such an occurrence. It’s this element that somehow shapes the film into a dystopian universe which makes it a fascinating analysis.
For Project Space, I expressed my views on the current state of heavy metal and how individuals interact at heavy metal concerts. I also give my take on the current state of music in general and tried to justify why certain individuals want to listen to a specific genre of music more than another. I do in fact have an interest in being a professional columnist for several heavy metal music magazines. Therefore, writing about this subject not only helps me acquire more knowledge with research, but helps me grow as a writer. This class helped me understand the proper ways on how to write a research paper and will surely help me in the long run for upcoming semesters.
Conclusively, I have had a tremendous experience in 114B. Both semesters of this English course tested the limits of my mind and made me work to achieve certain answers with a deeper understanding of life. The lively debates in the classroom had a positive impact for both my peers and me. The professors encouraging attitude also made the mornings more enjoyable. I will surely recommend this course to all freshmen who desire to take a writing course.

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