Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Performing Arts Center

Last week, our group visited the Performing Arts Center and truly had a great experience. At first, we had difficulty getting inside as we were rejected by a couple of individuals who were in charge of this building. Luckily, one of the event coordinators had the heart to let us inside and gave us a legitimate full tour of the building. This building was extremely spotless. Our “tour guide” even mentioned having workers and the janitors constantly cleaning the windows or any dust that builds up. The Performing Arts Center was built in 2010 and is a 120 million dollar building which was funded by private donors. This center is for students to express themselves both artistically and as a learning experience. It is almost isolated on the outside during the days because it mainly functions at night. I think the Performing Arts Center suits our campus ideally as it gives a sense of mystic and artistic value to our campus. There is definitely a spiritual feeling when you walk through the doors of this building. The tour guide mentions that it is built somewhat like a giant guitar. The wood used for the building is the wood of an acoustic guitar and has an extremely beautiful spacious sound as echoes can be heard from the hallways. The building is also visible by both the CSUN community and the public as it faces both our campus and the outside. This building is a tremendous addition to our campus. To be honest, as soon as I saw inside the performance center, I immediately felt the urge to play on that same stage. Just that feeling itself made me proud to be a student at CSUN, and the thought that one day I will definitely play the Performing Arts Center, which holds 1,700 + people. This experience was also great for the students because it held a change of scenery from the everyday classroom scenario. I urge everyone to visit this building on campus, or to be able to go see some musicians/plays at the beautiful Performing Arts Center.

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  1. Hey Shaunt, you explained the Valley Performing Art Center quite well, ha-ha. Yeah the visit there was quite experience for me too. I never knew this place would actually be interesting because I am not in to plays and shows. After the tour I felt like I need to buy a ticket to some random show so I could try those awesome seats we sat on. The view of the stage was very spectacular even though they are the worse seats to get. What amazed me the most about the place was the guitar wood walls, it truly symbolize art and music and I think it’s a great choice that the person did to design the place. The visit to VPAC was truly a out of the world experience and I am glad Nguyen and Syuzanna asked the coordinator to let us in. Without them we would not be able to write this much about the most isolated building on campus. I wish we were able to use the facility as students to have concerts or student plays there. That would be awesome.