Sunday, February 19, 2012

Essay Proposal-Gamer Analysis

For this essay I would like to analyze Gamer and further explore my post regarding the analysis of my blog regarding the film. In Gamer, the film follows a corrupt individual changing and revolutionizing the way society looks at video gaming. Castle, an extremely wealthy madman enjoys his riches while bringing down society and individuals making them into his mindless puppets. To explore Gamer’s society, we have to first take into consideration society’s involvement in their virtual worlds. Individuals are immersed in their second lives as society changes drastically into somewhat of a dystopia. HUMANZ is an organization created to destroy this corruption, and their legacy lives on with the help of Kable. Slayers and Society are the worlds created by Castle. I will add on to this analysis and get deeper into the examination of the world of Gamer. 


  1. I think expanding a post is fine. You may even want to focus on a topic within the film, such as prisoners. The treatment of prisoners in Gamer may be a commentary on how we treat prisoners today.

  2. I was actually looking for a specific topic to work with and that works perfectly. Thanks Professor.