Sunday, February 5, 2012

Realism VS. Fantasy.

RPG games have revolutionized the video game industry. I myself play the newest game from the Elder Scrolls series entitled Skyrim. RPG’s are a refreshing way to get your mind off of your worries in the real world. However, the question some of the users in Waggoner’s forum should ask themselves is that where exactly can they draw the line between reality and their fantasy world. I treat video games as a stimulating experience that is able to almost completely get rid of any stressful situations that are surrounding me, and I am sure that millions over the world do exactly the same. The key here is how to apply moderation in your life. It is not a crime to absorb yourself in these epic fantasy worlds and to lose yourself in these games from time to time, but psychologically these games can definitely cause a significant amount of damage to the users nervous system.  I was appalled at people’s reactions in Waggoner’s forums. Some actually felt guilty about killing a certain character in a game. This action affected their lives in a negative way. When I read stories similar to Waggoner’s article, I realize that there is no other way for some of these users to get help unless they stop playing once and for all, or to significantly cut down the amount of video games they play by finding different hobbies. Coming from a once extremely avid gamer, I speak from personal experience that an individual needs a more healthier way to pass time than indulging themselves with video games for hours and days. Heavy RPG can indeed blur one’s ability to distinguish their lives with fantasy and reality. These users need drastic changes in their lives and need to preoccupy themselves with something of greater value. Love, happiness, and excitement can all be acquired with broader interests that have more depth. An individual needs to realize this and come to terms with themselves while understanding that moderation can be the most helpful thing in their lives. An excess of anything will almost always harm you, and moderation is in fact in my mind, one of the major keys to happiness in life. 

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