Sunday, February 12, 2012


In the film Gamer, “Society” was a game very similar to “Sims.” In “Sims” users basically create a world with fictional people and make them function as a society. Society is the keyword in this scenario, as the film Gamer took the functions of the game and escalated them to a whole new level, naming the game “Society.” In the film, users can create ideally create their world of individuals and make them do absolutely whatever they desire. However, there is something truly disturbing about this version of the game as it involves real human beings. Ken Castle, the creator of “Society” in the film, created a world where humans would not be able to think for themselves anymore. The users of “Society” are controlled like puppets by users from Earth. Once they are in the game, their actions, words, and emotions are controlled by others. To be honest, I do hope I’m wrong, but I feel as if some individuals in present times would take this opportunity to have their decisions made by others in this world. It is a disturbing thought but this issue goes far beyond laziness into a pathetic phase which no one should undergo. “Slayer” on the other hand, took a more extreme violent approach to the film. “Slayer” was a game in the film that literally took death row inmates and gave them the option to play in this gruesome video game rather than to face their death penalty in other various ways.  Users then control these inmates as the inmates are transformed into the virtual world. The question here is if it is morally correct for this situation to occur. In my eyes, watching death occur on a live telecast or television is wrong at all costs. This can emotionally disturb people and can severely mentally damage individuals for years to come. Televising death is the same as murder to me. If there comes a time where society allows this to occur, then it will be a chaotic world filled with horror. No one should have the opportunity to witness such horror in their life time. 

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  1. When it comes down to "Society" I definitely agree that some people in the world today would actually LET others control them, some maybe not limited to a controlled environment such as the society of "Society." To go with that, I know there are those weirdos in the world who would love to control another human. About "Slayers" being televised, the people in the movie are beyond the point of shock seeing someone get murdered on TV, but I agree in this world, it would be devastating.