Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heavy Metal : A Way of Life

For my essay, I would like to focus on the identity of heavy metal music and how it influences identity, certain spaces for individuals who listen to heavy metal, and gender roles. I would like to speak about this topic because I am not only in a heavy metal band, but also a more Alternative-Latin oriented group.
Both groups attract a totally and undeniably different crowd and vibe, and it’s intriguing to see why that is. Being that I am a fan of all genres of music ranging from classical to music to death metal to electronica, I  would also want to try and tackle the idea of what elements of music attract a certain crowd more than another. However, I would like to keep my focus directed towards heavy metal because of one reason. Being involved with music at an early age has taught me that music has constantly evolved over the decades, each with carrying out certain trends that tend to die out quickly. Nevertheless, heavy metal is one massive genre that has obviously evolved, but has not died out. It is still considered to be shocking and still gives individuals of all ages the much needed rush in their lackluster lives. Heavy Metal can be such an enormous presence in one’s life and can truly act as a soulful manifestation. Beginning with the true Godfathers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath have shaped all that is heavy metal and over time. With the influence of Sabbath, metal has become a culture and a way of life to most individuals who are involved with heavy music in general.  For example, later front-man of Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, began popularizing the metal horns which is a worldwide famed hand gesture used at heavy metal concerts. Heavy metal creates this powerful sense of unity amongst its listeners. One does not simply pull up the metal horns at a Coldplay show.  This culture has its own rules and regulations that individuals will make an effort to learn because they adore the genre. I will expand on this topic in the coming week. 

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