Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thoughts on As Nature Made Him

As Nature Made Him was undeniably a painful read. A tragedy like this hopefully opened the worlds eyes in a sense where they should almost always like nature take its toll. This does not mean that if an individual has a disease, it should not be treated, but this does show that Mother Nature always has its way of taking care of a certain situation. The act of nurture obviously influences a child growing up. Society shapes and changes an individual along with the extreme influence of parental figures, but this will not change someone from who they want to become at heart. However, I had this same mindset even after I read this book and watched a few documentaries. Regardless of the hormones that you inject inside your system, your heart and mind will not change. Nature will overcome nurture at all costs, and David’s tragedy is a prime example of this case. It is obvious that scientists wanted to thoroughly study this case because it is one of the most intriguing events that I have ever read about. I was highly interested in experiment involving the rats. The scientists proved to Dr. Money that Nature would overcome Nurture, but unfortunately that amount of evidence was not suffice. Regardless, David proved this theory to the world himself, when he expressed himself in the documentary. David’s story was heartbreaking to learn about, but it really strengthened my thoughts on this subject. Parental figures should give their children guidance, advice, knowledge, and love, but they should never even dare to tell them what they should or have to become. We’ve seen this story and we now know how it ends. Just wish for David that it could have possibly ended differently. 

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  1. I agree with you that nature will always win over nurture. When you're a baby I feel that there is a lot of nurture involved, but it is nurture to help you live, survive, and grow up, but no parent should ever try to nurture you away from what nature had intended. I think your way of putting it is very accurate. "Regardless of the hormones that you inject inside your system, your heart and mind will not change."